Junshu Lin, Yaoguang Zhang & Yunlin Huang
Karst distribution in East China as inferred from sediment analyses : an outline
Volume 111 (1988)Fascicule 1 (Sédimentologie karstique)
Cheng-Yuan Wang
Auxiliary stratotype sections for the global stratotype section and point (GSSP) for the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary : Nanbiancun
Volume 115 (1992)Fascicule 2 - Devonian-Carboniferous boundary
Luc Hance, Philippe Muchez, Michel Coen, X.-S. Fang, Eric Groessens, H. Hou, Eddy Poty, Philippe Steemans, Maurice Streel, Z. Tan, Francis Tourneur, Mia Van Steenwinkel & S.-C. Xu
Biostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy at the Devonian-Carboniferous transition in southern China (Hunan province). Comparison with southern Belgium
Volume 116 (1993)Fascicule 2 - Carboniferous biostratigraphy
Rainer Brocke, Olda Fatka & Thomas Servais
A review of the Ordovician acritarchs Aureotesta and Marrocanium
Volume 120 (1997)Fascicule 1
Rainer Brocke
Evaluation of the Ordovician acritarch genus Ampullula Righi
Volume 120 (1997)Fascicule 1
Alain Dassargues
Vers une meilleure fiabilité dans le calcul des tassements dus aux pompages d'eau souterraine. Deuxième partie : modélisation non linéaire de la subsidence de la ville de Shanghaï
Volume 118 (1995)Fascicule 2
Maurice Streel
Miospore contribution to the Upper Famennian-Strunian event stratigraphy
Volume 109 (1986)Fascicule 1 (Late Devonian events around the Old Red Continent)
Hou Hongfei
The Famennian regression in South China
Volume 109 (1986)Fascicule 1 (Late Devonian events around the Old Red Continent)
Song Linhua
Evolution of karst geomorphology and hydrogeology in South Dushan, Guizhou Province, China
Volume 108 (1985)Volume complet
Michiel Dusar, Rudy Swennen & Zhang Shouyue
Triassic carbonates as the host rock for karstification : Tenglong Cave and the Lichuan karst (West Hubei, China)
Volume 116 (1993)Fascicule 1
Bernard Mamet
The Nanbiancun algal microflora : a study of the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary in China
Volume 115 (1992)Fascicule 2 - Devonian-Carboniferous boundary

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