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Leonard G. Love & Michel Vanguestaine

Polyframboidal pyrite of the Rochelinval pyrite beds (Belgian Ardennes)

(Volume 96 (1973) — Fascicule 2)
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A section of the Revinian near Rochelinval (Belgian Ardennes) shows four beds of “quartzite” (greywacke) which contain concentrated bands of polyframboidal pyrite: other beds contain a little dispersed polyframboidal pyrite. The concentrated bands were formed by submarine reworking of superficial, turbidite sediment which, when it was recently deposited, was of a type generally similar to that giving the other quartzites in the succession. The occurrences, and explanation offered are similar to those for a Silurian turbidite succession in North Wales, and indicate the possibility of a fruitful field of research into the sedimentology of the Lower Palaeozoic rocks of Belgium, despite the strongly tectonised and metamorphosed aspect of these rocks.

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Leonard G. Love & Michel Vanguestaine, «Polyframboidal pyrite of the Rochelinval pyrite beds (Belgian Ardennes)», Annales de la Société géologique de Belgique [En ligne], Volume 96 (1973), Fascicule 2, 347 - 360 URL :

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