Journal of Structural Dynamics

A Diamond Open Access Journal for High-quality Papers in the Field of Structural Dynamics



Clear criteria for high quality

Three different kinds of contributions can be submitted to the journal.

A typical issue will consist in one invited review paper, and one paper from an area outside structural dynamics (but related), as well as about 10 regular papers from contributors.

The format (length) of each paper is free, but we require a supporting document of maximum 2 pages to be submitted together with the paper.

The extended abstract will have a predefined format and should answer a list of questions related to the pertinence, novelty, performance and applicability/usefulness of the presented methods/work.

This will be used as a pre-filter for further peer-reviewing. Prior to submission, authors are encouraged to discuss the content of their paper with the associate editor specialist in the field in order to make sure that the paper fits the scope and expectations of the journal.

Efficient peer review process

The quality of peer-reviewing is globally decreasing because qualified reviewers are more and more overwhelmed by the high number of review invitations.

We believe that by pre-establishing a list of qualified reviewers in the different topics covered by the journal, and contacting them personally to present the project and ask for their commitment to join the reviewers board is an efficient way to ensure that they will put priority on the reviews for our journal.

The fact that the journal is published in Diamond Open Access will be a clear incentive for reviewers to participate in this initiative.

A typical review process should not take more than three months. One issue will be published each year. The journal standards and peer-reviewing process will comply with the requirements to apply for referencing in well-established databases such as ISI or Scopus.

Call for papers

First issue

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