Sébastien Erpicum

M Bijankhan, S Kouchakzadeh & G Belaud
Parallel Jets Emerging From Two Parallel Gates: Distinguishing Flow Condition
S Mulligan, J Casserly & R Sherlock
Hydrodynamic Investigation Of Free-Surface Turbulent Vortex Flows with Strong Circulation in a Vortex Chamber
A Bayón-Barrachina, D Valero, F Vallès-Morán & P.A López-Jiménez
Comparison Of CFD Models For Multiphase Flow Evolution In Bridge Scour Processes
D Valero, R García-Bartual & J Marco
Optimisation Of Stilling Basin Chute Blocks Using a Calibrated Multiphase RANS Model
Nicolas J Adam & Giovanni De Cesare
Diaphragm In Pressure Pipe: Steady State Head Loss Evolution And Transient Phenomena
F. Belaabed & A. Ouamane
Effect of the Downstream Level on the Performance of the PK-Weir and Linear Weir
Louis Goffin, Sébastien Erpicum, Benjamin Dewals, Michel Pirotton & Pierre Archambeau
How to Simulate Quickly and Efficiently a Flow Over a Spillway ?
K.P. Visser, B. Ruys, P. Viaene, S. Creëlle & T. De Mulder
Assessment of the Attraction Flow of a Fish Passage
Maurine Lodomez, Sébastien Erpicum, Benjamin Dewals, Michel Pirotton & Pierre Archambeau
 Comparison between Experimental and SPH Models over a Sharp-crested Weir
M.J. Ostad Mirza, M. Pfister, A.J. Schleiss & J. Matos
Air Entrainment in Skimming Flow on Stepped Spillways: the Effect of an Abrupt Slope Change

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