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Comment donner un avenir aux femmes et aux enfants victimes de violences sexuelles dans les conflits ?


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M. Tankink & B. Ruratotoye

Targeting men in ending intimate partner violence in DRC : The strength of a culturally adapted psychosocial intervention

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In 2012-2013 an intervention, called Living Peace; for targeting men to prevent intimate partner violence (IPV) in relationships where women had experienced conflict-related rape in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), was developed by Promundo and local Congolese partners. During fifteen weeks, twelve men participated in weekly group sessions. The results showed promising results in reducing rates of IPV (90%) immediately after the interventions.

A qualitative research was carried out in 2016, three years after the men participated in the groups to examine the long-lasting effects of the intervention on the prevention of IPV.

The results show that incidences of IPV effectively reduce when men are intentionally targeted by using a cultural relevant psychosocial and gender-transformative approach. Facilitators approached male participants with a framework of peace and harmony that connected to their lived realities. This helped the men to embrace the groups and consequently to develop greater self-awareness: understanding how their own trauma influences their behaviors, and defining alternative ways to cope with problems, harmful habits and challenges. Positive masculinity and supportive gender attitudes became integrated as new values that helped men and families to improve their lives.

In this presentation, we present the key findings of the impact evaluation and a brief film, featuring the story of Abby and Kyalu, will be screened, showing the methodology and impact of Living Peace on partner relations and family life.

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M. Tankink & B. Ruratotoye, «Targeting men in ending intimate partner violence in DRC : The strength of a culturally adapted psychosocial intervention», 1er congrès de la Chaire Internationale Mukwege [En ligne], Actes du colloque, URL : https://popups.uliege.be/chairemukwege/index.php?id=133.