R. Blomme

A. Lobel, J. A. Toalá & R. Blomme
3-D Radiative Transfer Modeling of Structured Winds in Massive Hot Stars with Wind3D
Volume 80 - Année 2011
C. Martayan, R. Blomme, J.-B. Le Bouquin, A. Merand, G. Montagnier, F. Selman, J. Girard, A. Fox, D. Baade, Y. Frémat, A. Lobel, F. Martins, F. Patru, T. Rivinius, H. Sana, S. Stefl, J. Zorec & T. Semaan
X-shooter, NACO, and AMBER observations of the LBV Pistol Star
Volume 80 - Année 2011

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