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Manaf Hassan Nezhad

Improving Quality Distribution Systems Power with Renewable Energy Sources Connected to the Grid

(Volume 85 - Année 2016 — Actes de colloques — Special edition)
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In the last two decades Power Quality increasingly has been focused attention on power companies and subscribers. This phrase (power quality) as an inclusive concept is raised for a variety of power system disturbances. In recent years, new methods offered for improving power quality including the use of active filters, passive or hybrid. Due to the advantages and the growing use of renewable energy sources connected to the distribution grids, in the proposed system its aim is using renewable energy sources for power quality improvement in this study, the solar arrays have been used as sources for renewable energy. In this paper, we studied conducted researches in the field, a fuzzy controller is provided to control the converter signals connected to the PCC and DC link. The purpose of controller design is supplying unbalanced flow for non-linear loads on the grid that they have caused streaming on the grid to exit from the sine. This controller not only as an active power filter works pretty well, but current harmonic network, will improve by applying renewable energy sources.

Keywords : controller-phase, non-linear loads, PCC Connection point, power quality, renewable energy sources

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Manaf Hassan Nezhad, «Improving Quality Distribution Systems Power with Renewable Energy Sources Connected to the Grid», Bulletin de la Société Royale des Sciences de Liège [En ligne], Volume 85 - Année 2016, Actes de colloques, Special edition, 62 - 78 URL :

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