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Emad Masoomi Verki & Mahdi Nasrollahi

Investigating factors affecting psychological empowerment of employees
(Case Study: Qazvin Province Water and Wastewater Company)

(Volume 85 - Année 2016 — Actes de colloques — Special edition)
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Empowerment, which means authorizing, giving autonomy or legal power to the person, is a process by which people beliefs in their effectiveness are improved, and more sense of responsibility of employees for better organizational performance. The main purpose of this study, which is a survey research, is investigating factors affecting the increase in psychological empowerment of employees in Qazvin Province Water and Wastewater Company. This is a survey research. According to Morgan table, 125 individuals were selected from the statistical population of 195 people through convenience sampling method. The level of variable validity is confirmed by Cronbach's alpha. The results of the statistical hypothesis testing show that sense of competence, sense of independence, sense of effectiveness, sense of value, and sense of confidence have an impact on the level of psychological empowerment. Meanwhile, prioritizing the factors affecting psychological empowerment by the Shannon entropy shows that sense of effectiveness and sense of independence, respectively have the highest and lowest priority from the employees’ view.

Keywords : human resources, hypothesis testing, prioritizing, psychological empowerment, Qazvin Province Water and Wastewater Company.

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