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Mahlegha Abdollahi

The Impact of Sustainable Development on Eco-tech Architecture

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Being the requisite for progress and improvement, sustainable development as a process is the foundation for enhancement of the conditions and overcoming a lot of environmental shortcomings in developed societies. Sustainability should be the driving force behind moderate progress in all communities, especially in developing countries. In a general framework, sustainable architecture can be defined as creation of a man-made sustainable environment.  Sustainable design in architecture is not a new style such as modernism or deconstruction; on the contrary, it is a way of thinking in design which is based on harmony with nature. The basis of Eco-tech architectural design is that the building is a small part of the surrounding environment; therefore it must perform as a part of an ecosystem and get incorporated into the life cycle. Eco-tech architecture is a design in which people and the quality of interior spaces become specifically important. This is a descriptive-analytical research based on library studies. The effort is to study sustainable architecture and its place and impact on Eco-tech architecture. In this sense, sustainable architecture is itself a specific technology. The research findings point to the impact of sustainable development on nature and green architecture; the findings also point to the integration of sustainable architecture and Eco-tech design which can result in improvement of this huge industry in our country.

Keywords : Eco-tech architecture, environment, green architecture, naturalism, sustainable architecture

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