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Anita Reyhanian & Ali Bagherpour Porshokouh

Using a method of measuring the state of biodiversity in cities, using the index (CBI) in Tehran: A strategy for urban management

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Biodiversity is seriously affected by the construction and development of the city as well. Open unbridled urbanization has been accompanied by the destruction of natural ecosystems and unfortunately resulted in the loss of native species in the region. On the other hand, due to the human tendency to planting non-native species, ecosystems urban environment is very fragile and in case of problems such as drastic changes in temperature or drought, many species disappear. Restoration of biodiversity in cities, due to the spread of pollution and degradation of habitat quality, integrated management through proper use of technical facilities and appropriate species is adapted to urban environments. Is able to rapidly and quality, ecological services such as air purifiers, create microclimate and protection of water resources, biodiversity, along with the revival as much as possible to bring animals of the region. Because on the one hand Tehran in the Alborz mountains and the desert climate is led and in certain circumstances have potential richness of biodiversity. But due to excessive construction, environmental pollution, using conversion and logging of old trees, climate change and lack of attention to the high value of its massive trove of biodiversity, habitats and destruction in these cities is changing with the change of structure in the city its performance is also affected and many plant and animal species that have been changed and some destruction. In this study, the role of biodiversity in order to protect and restore native biodiversity of an abuse, And proper use of the method of measuring the status of biodiversity using CBI indicators in order to create ecological services, to habitable the other hand will be discussed in Tehran.

Keywords : biodiversity, index of CBI, urban management

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Anita Reyhanian & Ali Bagherpour Porshokouh, «Using a method of measuring the state of biodiversity in cities, using the index (CBI) in Tehran: A strategy for urban management», Bulletin de la Société Royale des Sciences de Liège [En ligne], Volume 85 - Année 2016, Actes de colloques, Special edition, 1730 - 1739 URL :

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