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Abasat Pur Mohammad & Alireza Haraj

The rules that govern movable and immovable assets in international law

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Human societies have long formed coincided with legislation.With the advent of multiple communities, different legal systems took shape gradually expanding communication and interaction of different nations together and passenger transport goods into the territory limits of a legal system, legal system, gradually "cause the laws have been violated. In today's world with the development of high-speed transport, unprecedented expansion of international trade, cross-border travel increase and more and more evident importance of conflict of laws now many international conventions, each of them are associated with this science. Topics and issues related to immovable property right material conflict of laws is an important issue that despite the lack of resources trying to collect and draw conclusions from them. One of the categories of communication that will be discussed in private international law, the issue of "property", which is basically the law of the country where the property is located there, as the law is concerned. Therefore, to determine the location of the property is important for determining the applicable law. construction. Material possessions-existent property and material base; the non-material property that do not exist and the material base of society, but their existence and validity of the law it is known. it may be some differences in terms of the law governing the financing of movable or immovable it is different.

Keywords : conflict, immovable assets, material possessions-existent, society

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