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Forough Barzgarn & Hamed Ghaemi

TOEFL iBT Speaking, Goal – orientation and self-assessment a study of Iranian EFL learners

(Volume 86 - Année 2017 — Special issue)
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Owing to the growing attention to learner's independence and autonomy, self-assessment has received considerable attention in recent years. Nevertheless, this notion is not well-known to most English language teachers and students in Iran where traditional assessment is still dominant. This study explored the effect of self-assessment on EFL learners’ TOEFL iBT speaking score, goal orientation as well as scrutinizing the relationship between Iranian EFL learners' goal-orientation and their speaking scores in TOEFL iBT test. To do so, 72 advanced EFL learners who were both male and female studying in Jahan Elm institute of higher education in Mashhad, Iran participated in the current study. Experimental group consisted of 36 EFL learners while control group encompassed 36 EFL learners. All participants took TOEFL iBT test, goal orientation questionnaire during the first and final week of the semester (i.e. pretest, posttest) and being trained through the TOEFL iBT software. Independent sample t test and Pearson correlation coefficient were used to find the difference between the two groups in terms of their speaking scores and goal orientated behavior and to find the relationship between goal orientation and speaking score of TOEFL iBT test. Results from the two post measurements indicated that students in the experimental group showed statistically significant gains on speaking scores and their goal orientated behavior as compared with the control group. Moreover, outcomes illustrated the existence of significant positive correlation between the learning goal orientation and TOEFL iBT speaking scores of EFL learners. In sum, the results of this study suggest that self-assessment should be integrated into regular TOEFL iBT preparation courses in order to help TOEFL iBT candidates become independent learners and ultimately achieve more satisfactory results in English proficiency tests, particularly TOEFL iBT test.

Keywords : goal-orientation., self-assessment, speaking proficiency, speaking test, TOEFL iBT

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