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Hamid Rahmani Seryasat

Providing an Evaluating Model and prioritizing factors in empowering employees with hierarchical Method (AHP)
(Case Study: Cultural heritage and tourism organization of Qazvin province)

(Volume 86 - Année 2017 — Special issue)
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Because human resources is considered as the most valuable factor of production, capital and the main source of any organization competitive advantage, human resources improvement is very important. If an organization wants to make progress in their affairs and not fall behind the competition should have expert human resources with sufficient knowledge and ability. The instrument that used for this purpose to help managers is empowerment process. Movement an in order to empower employees need to improve and optimize the organization, improving and training of managers and ultimately improving and training of employees. In this paper, we have investigated and rated the effective factors in the employees' empowerment of cultural heritage and tourism organization of Qazvin Province by using AHP hierarchy method. For this purpose, initially the existing concepts in empowerment and the effective factors have been studied. Then a questionnaire has been developed and designed to identify effective factors in the studying statistical population. Then, we considered reliability and nineteen factors of empowerment by using SPSS15 software that finally used to rank the affective factors on the empowerment of hierarchical techniques (AHP). Ranking factors results indicate that training, encourage and ability and skill of the staff placed on the first to third order, respectively and also access to information factors placed on the nineteenth order. Managers have done some plans in order to empower employees with respect to the weight of each factor and its importance in its impact on the empowerment of employees empower staff, to be effective with empowerment of employees to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Keywords : AHP method, effective factors of empowerment, prioritize of effective factors, staff empowerment

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