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Mohammad Shakibazad & Ali Jabar Rashidi

A framework to achieve dynamic model of cyber battlefield

(Volume 86 - Année 2017 — Special issue)
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With fast growth of cyber space and related network infrastructures, it is important to detect the intrusion and respond to it in a timely manner. Cyber-attacks are in progress and are becoming more complex, as a result, more sensitive and more difficult to defend cyberspace. To determine the best response to cyber-attacks and cyber protection are cyber situation awareness. To achieve this goal, we require a framework to provide the possibility of cyber maneuvers. In this research running cyber maneuvers by simulating the dynamic cyber battlefield. Cyber battlefield contains the information necessary to detect cyber incidents. This paper aims to present a novel method for integrated model of cyber battlefield. It is necessary to execution cyber maneuvers to achieve cyber situation awareness. In this cyber defense model, situation awareness presents useful information (in a real time) to the analyst cyber space. The present study presents a framework of cyber situation awareness for accurate inspection of the current situation of cyber battlefield and cyber maneuvers. This method would be successful in exposing cyber threats for timely response.

Keywords : cyber battlefield, cyber maneuver, cyber situation awareness, cyber space simulator

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