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Saeideh Sarmadi

New Approach in Video Summarization Based on Color Feature

(Volume 86 - Année 2017 — Special issue)
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Video summarization is a process to create a meaningful summary of the recorded video within a short period of time. In recent years due to increase in generating videos, we need to summarize videos. General video summarization methods are divided into static and dynamic. Static summary is done by using key frames. However, the dynamic video summarization includes a sequence of small video shots that have been put together in chronological order. In this paper, video summarization is done by using static method and color-based key frame extraction. Then by applying the super resolution algorithm on selected key frames, we obtained frames with higher visual quality. The summarization was performed on several videos. Simulation results show our method produces summaries with high visual quality and computational speed.

Keywords : dynamic method, key frame extraction, static method, super resolution, video summarization

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