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Mina Nouhifard

Investigation of the ornamentals/decorations of religious constructions located in Semnan province
(Semnan Jame Mosque and Bayazid Bastam Mosque)

(Volume 86 - Année 2017 — Special issue)
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Religious buildings of Semnan province in various areas have come to existent and eye-catching ornaments have been added. Such aforementioned religious premises have special value within Islamic architecture. It is noteworthy that such ornaments enjoy unity in ascetic sense, greatness and magnificence. The decorative and ornaments of religious building in Semnan province are amongst Iranian valuable treasures such invaluable cultural heritage and identity has been handed down from one generation to another and on such glorification path they have been affected by elements such as human labor, people beliefs, administrations and constructive materials. Semnan Jame mosque and Bayazid Bastam mosque have been decorated by enjoying Razi and Azari style of architecture. Semnan Jame mosque and Bayazid mosque are considered as buildings which have gone under some changes within various historical periods. These alterations have been effective on the type of applied ornaments. In this study the influential religious and environmental factors in a variety of religious buildings and the applicable decorative of Semnan province have been taken into great consideration. The main objective behind this research is to investigate and decode the ornamental patterns on the basis of taken images and the existing documents from religious premises situated in Semnan province. This research is an experimental/field study and the sampling approaches applied on purpose and they have been used in a few constructions with tvrshdar approach.

Keywords : historical buildings, ornamentals, plaster brickwork, Semnan province

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