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Masoud Masoumi

Introduction of Expectation Tourism

(Volume 86 - Année 2017 — Special issue)
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Tourism is divided into different kinds and branches. Dividing tourism into different types can be done through better recognizing, planning and managing the tourism in different local, urban, and regional levels. Political borders, geography-economic characteristics, and tourists' motivation for tourism are considered as the basic indicators of dividing tourism into different types. Meanwhile, tourists' motivation for dealing with tourism activities is very important. Doing tourism activities by tourists is linked to special motivations. Study of different nations' history reveals that the men is always desiring and expecting Utopia and imagine an ideal society and future. A short look at some samples in the world shows that these imagines stem from something more than religion beliefs. From the past centuries, Believers of Utopia expect a person called "Savior" who guides communities to Utopia, hold special ceremonies, and do something. For example, millions people, from all over the world, annually visit attractions, connected to these motivation in some way. Expecting the Savior reappearance and visiting tourism attractions is the main issue of this article. In this article, the author has separated visiting the attraction places of different regions with expectation motivation from other kinds of tourism and called them "Expectation Tourism".

Keywords : expectation, expectation tourism, Mahdi, Saver

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