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Carla Maceroni

Binaries as precious tools for stellar evolution and asteroseismology

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Mots-clés : binaires éclipsantes, spectroscopie, évolution, intérieurs, pulsation


Eclipsing double-lined binaries had a fundamental role in laying the foundations of stellar astro-physics and are still today an invaluable tool, as they provide an independent, purely geometrical, and accurate determination of the stellar masses and radii (often with uncertainties lower than 1%). This paper briefly reviews some important contributions to the field of stellar structure and to the more recent one of asteroseismology.

Keywords : binaries, eclipsing, spectroscopic, stars, evolution, interiors, pulsation

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Carla Maceroni, «Binaries as precious tools for stellar evolution and asteroseismology», Bulletin de la Société Royale des Sciences de Liège [En ligne], Volume 88 - Année 2019, Actes de colloques, How Much to we Trust Stellar Models ? - September 2018 - Liège, Belgium, 76 - 83 URL :

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