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Klaus Brettel

Flash absorption spectroscopy
Priciple and applications in plant photosynthesis research

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Keywords : flash absorption spectroscopy, photosynthesis

1. Introduction

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2. Principle

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Figure 1 : Principle of measurement of flash-induced absorption changes

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3. Main elements of the experimental set-up

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4. Some practical aspects

4.1 Time resolution

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4.2 Signal-to-noise ratio

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Figure 2: Dependance of the signal-to-noise ratio on the transmission of the sample. Different T values represent different optical paths l or different concentrations c of the same sample. The following assumptions about the noise sources were made: Trace a: shot noise is the only the only noise source. Trace B: thermal noise of the detection system contributes in addition to the shot noise; the ratio ofthermal noise to shot noise is sqrt(2):1 at T = 0.14. Trace c: fluctuations of the radiant power of measuring light source contribute in addition to the shot noise; the ratio of these fluctuations to the shot noise is sqrt(2):1 at T = 0.14. Trace d: all three noise sources contribute equally at T = 0.14. See text and Ref. [6] for further details. Redrawn from Ref. [6].

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4.3 Actinic effect of the measuring light

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4.4 Fluorescence artefact

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4.5 Exemples of set-ups with sub-microsecond time-resolution

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