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Alain PREAT, Pierre BULTYNCK & Denise BRICE


(volume 9 (2006) — number 1-2 - Chronostratigraphic units named from Belgium)
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The Givetian Stage in the Givet area is represented by the main part of the Hanonet Fm, the Trois-Fontaines Fm, the Terres d'Haurs Fm, the Mont d'Haurs Fm, the Fromelennes Fm and the lowest part of the Nismes Fm. During Eifelian-Givetian transition, the sedimentary systems evolved from a mixed siliciclastic-carbonate ramp to a carbonate platform dominated by cyclic tidal-flat and lagoonal wackestones with local patch reefs or coralgal banks. The shelf had an ESE-WNW trend and extended from the Avesnois basin (northern France) in the west to Aachen (western Germany). The sedimentation in the Ardennes consists of shallow water regressive metric (around 5 m or less) cycles. Stromatopores, corals, brachiopods, algae and cyanobacteria are abundant. Due to this general shallow water setting, the base of the Givetian Stage has been defined by the IUGS Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy in a GSSP in southern Morocco referring to the first occurence of the condodont species Polygnathus hemiansatus. The conodont species Icriodus obliquimarginatus appears approximately at the same level in Belgium.

Keywords : Givetian, lagoons, tidal flats, patch reefs, coralgal banks, carbonate platform

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