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Devonian lithostratigraphic units (Belgium)

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This contribution briefly describes seventy Devonian formations from the Dinant and Namur Synclinoria, the Vesdre Nappe and the Theux Window, that were revised or introduced during the previous two decades. The descriptions of the formations are organized in four parts, Lower Devonian, Middle Devonian, Frasnian and Famennian, corresponding to major and minor transgressive and regressive events and demonstrating each typical lithological characteristics. In each part, the following presentation has been adopted: the formations occurring in the Southern part of the Dinant Synclinorium are first described from base upwards, followed by a description of the formations restricted to the central and/or northern part of the Dinant Synclinorium, the Namur Synclinorium, the Vesdre Nappe and the Theux Window.

Keywords : Devonian, Lochkovian, Pragian, Emsian, Eifelian, Givetian, Frasnian, Famennian, Belgium, lithostratigraphy

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Pierre BULTYNCK & Léon DEJONGHE, «Devonian lithostratigraphic units (Belgium)», Geologica Belgica [En ligne], volume 4 (2001), number 1-2 - Guide to a revised lithostratigraphic scale of Belgium, 39-69 URL :

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