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Stromatoporoid diversity in the Devonian of the Ardennes: a reinterpretation

(volume 15 (2012) — number 1-2)
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Mots-clés : Eifelian, stromatoporoids, palaeobiodiversity, rarefaction, diversity curves


Previous studies of the stromatoporoid palaeobiodiversity in the Devonian of the Ardennes are revised. The data set used in this study consists of 3416 specimens of 180 species. The rarefaction method was employed in order to reduce sampling bias in the diversity curves. The estimated stromatoporoid diversity reached its plateau in the Eifelian (Couvin Formation) and in the Givetian, and decreased during the Late Devonian.

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Pawel WOLNIEWICZ, «Stromatoporoid diversity in the Devonian of the Ardennes: a reinterpretation», Geologica Belgica [En ligne], volume 15 (2012), number 1-2, 3-7 URL :

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