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Devono-carboniferous carbonate platform systems of the Netherlands

(volume 15 (2012) — number 4 - Proceedings of the XIth International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria and Porifera)
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Mots-clés : North West Europe, Caledonian orogeny, Palaeo-trade winds, Luttelgeest-01, Uithuizermeeden-02, Groningen carbonate platform, Mid North Sea High, Tengiz, Canada.


Large Palaeozoic carbonate build-ups, globally important for hydrocarbon exploitation, are generally not associated with the Netherlands or with the larger Southern North Sea region. The last ten years, information of new wells and seismic imaging have changed this perception. Recent seismic interpretations have indicated massive reef like carbonate platforms far below conventional petroleum exploration targets in the Netherlands. Few of the platforms are very sizeable and comparison with dimensions of Mississippian build-ups in the Caspian region or Devonian reefs of Canada can be made. New well information, released the last two years, dates the upper part of the platform as Mississippian. Based on seismic interpretation, some platforms most likely contain a Devonian core. UK petroleum exploration on the Mid North Sea High also provides new insights into Devonian carbonate build-ups. Due to the great depth of the Devono-Carboniferous strata in most areas, it is unclear if these carbonate platform reservoirs are a new petroleum exploration frontier or are situated below the economic basement. For many years the same palaeogeographic map could be used for North Western Europe for the Devonian and Mississippian time interval. The new data requires a revised palaeogeography. The following summary provides an overview.

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