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(volume 8 (2005) — number 3)
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1Structural and mineralogical study of a Cu-Ag-mineralisation in the Kundulungu foreland of the Katanga orogen, Dikulushi, Katanga, Democratic Republic Congo

2Maarten HAEST

3Geodynamics and Geofluids Research Group, K. U. Leuven

4Geologic and mineralogical study of the zeolite deposits of the Cayo Formation at the coast of Ecuador


6Mineralogie en toegepaste mineralogie, K. U. LEUVEN, Celestijnenlaan 200C, B-3000 Leuven

7Seismic stratigraphy of Lago Puyehue (south-central Chile): mass-flow deposits as a potential record of past seismic activity


9Renard Centre of Marine Geology, Universiteit Gent, Krijgslaan 281, S8, B-9000 Gent.  Mail:

10Optimisation of the monitoring network of the PIDPA well field in Merksplas

11Leen COEN

12Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, KULeuven, Celestijnenlaan 200E, 3001 Heverlee. E-mail :,

13Study of Cu-U-Se mineralization of Musonoï Mine, Kolwezi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo

14Cassian PIRARD

15Laboratory of Mineralogy and Crystallography, B18, University of Liege, Sart-Tilman, B-4000 Liege

16Petrogenesis of Fe-Ti ore deposits from the Suwalki anorthosite massif (NE Poland) and crystallochemistry of associated Ti-phlogopites

17Olivier NAMUR

18U.R. Pétrologie et géochimie endogènes, B20, Université de Liège, Sart-Tilman, B-4000 Liège

19Changes in the malacofauna of Lake Malawi since mid-Holocene times


21Research Unit Palaeontology, Ghent University, Krijgslaan 281, S8, B-9000 Ghent

22Biostratigraphical analysis with dinoflagellate cysts and geological mapping of the Couches Rouges at Mégevette (Préalpes médianes, Chablais).

23Caroline DE MEYER

24Research Unit Palaleontology, Krijgslaan 281, S8, 9000 Ghent

25New insights on the structural architecture and deformation history at the southern unconformity of the Lower Palaeozoic Rocroi Inlier, Naux, France.


27Geodynamics & Geofluids Research Group, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Celestijnenlaan 200E, B-3001 Leuven

28Geophysics contribution in the search of old mine shafts

29Guillaume ORBAN

30Service de Géologie Fondamentale et Appliquée, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, 7000 Mons

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