Scope of the journal

The field on regionalism studies has long been centered and dominated by the study of European integration. The intention of this scientific journal is to go beyond the euro-centric perspective and open up to the comparative analysis of the phenomenon of regionalization and the regional organizations that structure the international scene, as well as the study of their respective interactions. The journal aims to study the regional phenomenon from the inside-out and outside-in perspective in order to better understand its internal dynamics, the external influences (globalization, multipolarization) of which it is the object and its role in international relationships. The project is open to interdisciplinarity and aims to provide multi-thematic analyzes of regional experiences in Africa, Latin America and North America, Asia, Eurasia and Oceania without neglecting study of European regionalism.

Peer review

Journal of Cross-Regional Dialogues (published by the University of Liege Press) is an open-access peer-reviewed scholarly journal. The journal is committed to rigorous peer review, based on an initial editor screening and anonymised refereeing by at least two referees.

Publication process and open-access policy

University of Liege Press is a non-commercial academic publisher. The Journal is a non-profit scholarly initiative. It applies open access policies and commit to promoting scholarly discussions. An e-version of articles will be available online from the moment of publication. At the same time, a paper version will also be published.

The journal is published by the Center for International Relations Studies (CEFIR): 

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