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Elahe Moravej

Comparative study of Graphic aspects of textiles in Indian Gurakani and Iranian Safavid eras

(Volume 85 - Année 2016 — Actes de colloques — Special edition)
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The extensive support for the textile production industry and art from kings of 2 simultaneous Safavids and Gurkani Dynasties in Iran and India helped its promotion. In these periods, valuable textiles which played a significant role in expressing the individuals’ social dignity were provided with valuable fibers, rare colors and particular designs. The main goal of this research is to comparatively analyze the Iranian textiles designs in Safavids and Indian ones in Gurkani dynasties during 9-11th centuries (AH) so that it can find the similarities and differences in term of designs and color of the textiles in these 2 countries and the level and reason for their effectiveness. This research focused on designed courtier textiles whose images and samples remained and are available. Investigation into the political-cultural relationship between these 2 dynasties, techniques, the materials and instruments used in textiles, itineraries and historical and research books and designs analysis on the basis of the available images and pictures were performed. The findings indicated that the level of effectiveness of technique and Iranian textile design were more than its vice versa state. The textiles colors were often similar, but the emphasis on some colors in Indian textiles seems particular. The effect of European on Indian designs is more than Iranian samples and the effect of religious and literature on Iranian artists and textile designs were more than those of Indian.

Keywords : Courtier textiles, Gurkani, Safavids, textile designs

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