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Mojtaba Karbasian

A review of accounting basis adjustments

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Governmental accounting and national accounts are two types of reporting system as interrelated with different purposes. The financial data of public institutes are provided in public accounts by the governmental accounting system. The public accounts are the initial data of national accounts. This issue is of great importance in European Union as these reported values are considered as the main measure of monitoring the monetary policies of Euro. As the national accounts reporting is based on accrual system in accordance to European system of national and regional accounts, the governmental accounting system of different countries has its own special reporting system and the cash basis in the budget reporting is combined with the accrual basis in financial reporting. Thus, in case of converting the data from the governmental accounting to national accounting, we need some adjustments in audit basis. This study explains and compares the governmental accounting with national accounts and different analyses in their accounting basis to perform adjustments on the estimations of governmental accounting data to compute the macroeconomic ratios including budget deficit and it is effective on reliability and comparability of data. Also, similar researches are applied in different countries.

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