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Aram Mohebinia & Yahya Dadashkarimi

Effects of in-service training on employee empowerment of BONAB university.

(Volume 86 - Année 2017 — Special issue)
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One of the major factors in increasing empowerment and consequently achieving the goals of organizational productivity is human resources training. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of in-service training on employee empowerment in bomb city universities. For this purpose, empowerment has been defined according to Wharton and Cameron and set five questions in this regard. The study population consisted of all 95 people. The number of the statistical sample was calculated through Cochrane equation to be 76 and the samples were selected by random sampling. The data for the study were collected through Whetten and Cameron questionnaire. A questionnaire was given to the sample after their reliability and validity was evaluated. The data in this study were analyzed through descriptive inferential. Thus, classification, abbreviation and interpretation of the data were conducted through descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistical methods and statistical techniques are used to test hypotheses of research and inferential statistics (Spearman correlation for the relationship between variables according to the research hypothesis of research variables and two-variable regression test) were analyzed by SPSS software. The results showed that, in terms of staff, in-service training of staff involved in the development of empowerment.

Keywords : a sense of trust, competence, employees, empowerment, feel effective, meaningful sense, sense of self, training

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