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Somaye Khazaeimask & Moeine Sadat Hejazi

Plant designs in Sassanid Period moldings

(Volume 86 - Année 2017 — Special issue)
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Sassanid Dynasty art is considered as digest of all Iran ages art. The most characteristic of Sassanid art is its decorative designs and one appearance of the design is in the period moldings that has flourished in the period. Molding is more specific and more advanced from the application point and work model among different Sassanid arts. Sassanid molding designs explain the effects that the art has had later on works of Islam early ages, using of changes and transformations especially to Islamic art periods in most architecture, metal work and textiles production works. The project aimed to study plant designs and its usages in Sassanid art, and emphasizes on moldings on structures. The questions that answered by the project are: what are the used concepts in plant designs? What was the aim of the designs usage in decorations? According to results obtained among Sassanid molding designs, plant designs allocated most part of decoration to themselves. Moreover the beauty aspect, most of the designs had been as a symbol and had special concepts. And Sassanid artist has noticed to nature, very much. The project has studied designs in Sassanid moldings based on library studies and by descriptive- analytic method.

Keywords : molding, plant designs, Sassanid

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