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Moeine Sadat Hejazi & Somaye Khazaeimask

The Spiritual Message of the Quranic verses in decoration of the tomb shrine Abraham in Babolsar City

(Volume 86 - Année 2017 — Special issue)
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Many Sadat's migrated from the land of the Arabic to Iran were choosen Mazandaran as a seat of government and a safe place for residence. Burial place of Sadat Shia is located in towns and villages of Mazandaran, as a Alavian's capital. In the history Those interested in prophet Mohhammad's family and also shia government have constructed magnificent tomb for propaganda and consolidation of Shia government. These tomb have protected valuable and  important samples of Islamic art and architecture. One of the most important shrine that was considered by people, religious leaders and historians is shrine Abraham's tomb in Babolsar. In this tomb that is one of the 9th century hegira/15th century AD in Mazandaran, Beautiful and valuable Inscriptions and decorations, such as tile work, plaster barry, enshrine metal, wooden doors and grave fund, have been used in architectural decoration. Article purposes: Access to Quranic texts and religious Concept in decorations of  holy Abraham in Babolsar. Recognizing the spiritual and religious Dimension of inscriptions and traditional art in the Abraham tomb. Article questions: Which Quranic Narratives and inscriptions are used in decorations of Abraham tomb? What is the spiritual message of Quranic verses and inscriptions in the decorations of Abraham holy tomb in Babolar? Raw data has been collected from the research on Abraham holy tomb in babolsar. Additionally, written sources and documents are found in libraries. The  descriptive-analytical researches method  has been used to explain the data. According to the study Quranic inscriptions, names of God and geometric and herbal motifs in traditional art of this tomb are manifesting the otherwise concepts of Islam in shape of forms and colors in heaven space of studied tomb. These traditional arts and religious contents are reminding and are stabilizing muslim religious beliefs.

Keywords : Abraham, architectural decoration Babolsar, Quran, tomb shrine

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