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In 1981, the Ethology and Animal Psychology Department of the Zoology Institute at the University of Liège began publishing a quarterly journal devoted to the study, protection and conservation of wildlife, and to the management and control of animal resources and production. Cahiers d'éthologie appliquée, which in 1991 became simply Cahiers d'éthologie, was published until 2009.

In addition to the traditional naturalistic issues and research reports, the series has included conference papers and essays designed to show what ethology, as a methodological and thought-provoking tool, can contribute to our understanding of the origins, development and functioning of the human animal.

Couverture - Volume 22, fascicule 3-4

22 (3-4) | 2009Volume 22, fascicule 3-4

La dévalaison des poissons dans la Meuse moyenne belge

ISBN : 2-9600363-2-8