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Kurt Wiencek & Hans Hougardy

The second-order analysis of particle sizes by a test quadrat method

(Volume 10 (1991) — Number 1 - Stermat '90 (part I) - June 1991)
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For a set of convex particles on the plane the particle widths (sizes) h1,h2 measured in two perpendicular directions form a two-dimensional random variable (h1,h2). The corresponding second order moment E(h1h2) of (h1,h2) characterizes the particle size and shape. The moment E(h1h2) is related to the expected value ENK(A) of the number of counted particles which are totally within a test quadrat of area A. An experimental example of application for a Fe3C—dispersion in steel is given.

Keywords : convex particle, shape, size correlation, testing by quadrat

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Kurt Wiencek & Hans Hougardy, «The second-order analysis of particle sizes by a test quadrat method», Acta Stereologica [En ligne], Volume 10 (1991), Number 1 - Stermat '90 (part I) - June 1991, 55-61 URL :

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