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Jean-Charles Pinoli

A contrast definition for logarithmic images in the continuous setting

(Volume 10 (1991) — Number 1 - Stermat '90 (part I) - June 1991)
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The specific laws and structures adapted to the processing and the analysis of logarithmic images, such as the images obtained by transmitted light or those outcoming from the human visual system, have been defined in the setting of the Logarithmic Image Processing Model (Jourlin, Pinoli, 1987 and l988). This model called L.I.P. also allowed the introduction of a natural contrast definition, which is closely linked with logarithmic images and setted up in an vectorial structure. However, only the discrete case has been good studied until now (Jourlin, Pinoli, Zeboudj, 1989). With the tools developed elsewhere (Pinoli, 1987a and 1987b), this paper extends the contrast notion to the continuous case, as it was previously announced.

Keywords : contrast definition, human vision, image modeling, logarithmic images

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