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activité enzymatique

Ahoussi Augustin Moh, Sébastien Massart, Rachid Lahlali, Mohamed Haïssam Jijakli & Philippe Lepoivre
Predictive modelling of the combined effect of temperature and water activity on the in vitro growth of Erwinia spp. infecting potato tubers in Belgium
Volume 15 (2011)numéro 3
Jean T. Gonnety, Embi F. L. Assémien, Arnauth M. Guéi, Aya A. N’Dri, Yves Djina, Armand W. Koné & Jérôme E. Tondoh
Effect of land-use types on soil enzymatic activities and chemical properties in semi-deciduous forest areas of Central-West Côte d’Ivoire
volume 16 (2012)numéro 4
Ghassen Abid, Kamel Hessini, Marwa Aouida, Ibtissem Aroua, Jean-Pierre Baudoin, Yordan Muhovski, Guy Mergeai, Khaled Sassi, Myriam Machraoui, Fatma Souissi & Moez Jebara
Agro-physiological and biochemical responses of faba bean (Vicia faba L. var. ‘minor’) genotypes to water deficit stress
Volume 21 (2017)Numéro 2

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