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Born soon after at the final meeting of the European thematic network “Numerical and Physical Study of Material Forming Processes”, ESAFORM (European Scientific Association for material FORming) association is now 24 years old. Without surprise, its activities are focused on material forming and all its initial features are still there:

  • European but open (see its links with Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity),

  • Multi-materials (polymers, composites, metals…)

  • Multi-disciplinary (experimental work, applied simulations, software developments, forming process innovations, forming processes impact and sustainability, etc.)

Since its creation, one of the major achievements of ESAFORM is its annual conference on Material Forming. With ESAFORM conferences, you travel from north (Trondheim 2004, Espoo 2014) to south (Guimaraes 1999, Zaragoza 2007, Palermo 2018), from east (Krakow 2002, Graz 2015) to west (Belfast 2011, Dublin 2017), without forgetting the core of Europe (Liège 2001, Lyon 2008, )… Due to COVID19 issue, in May 2020 and April 2021, chairman Markus Bambach and chairwoman Anne Marie Habraken had to switch to virtual events. No cancellation. As pointed by the 21 members of ESAFORM international Board, the need of interactions within the association is too high.

At the conference, we not only diffuse science, we perform also networking actions, distribute the communication awards, the scientific and industrial prizes, launch grantactions about Mobility, Benchmarking, Proposal writing… We elect the Board members, discuss about our Journal (International Journal of Material Forming), our Web site, the new Logo… With transparency, at General Assembly, we show the financial balance and the board listen to the ESAFORM member suggestions to select future actions… Note that attending the conference or paying a small fee per year enroll you each year as ESAFORM member.


Within this website, you have direct access or  through author index to:

  • The abstracts of the plenary lectures;

  • The articles distributed among Mini Symposia;

  • Information about the first ESAFORM Benchmark

The portal hosting ESAFORM 2021 proceedings is PoPuPs (Portail de Publication de Périodiques Scientifiques) which offers to editors of journals and proceedings from the University of Liège or other institutions to easily and quickly publish in Open Access.

The cost reduction of this open access proceedings secures ESAFORM resources for new initiatives and authors‘ visibility will be guaranteed as the articles are published under licence CC-BY and will be referenced in Google Scholar, Scopus, and usual search engines. In this transition time in the publishing world, ESAFORM choice promotes the training of young scientists to edition actions and offers an alternative to commercial approaches to a large community.


Anne Marie Habraken

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