MS01 (Friction & Wear) | 2021

Friction and Wear in Forming Processes

Coordinator: Dr. Javad Hazrati

Co-organiser: Dr Lander Galdos

Description: In material forming, relative motion of the tool and workpiece during production makes friction and wear phenomena (tribology) of the utmost importance. On that account, accurate prediction of friction and wear is necessary for designing zero-defect manufacturing processes. The tribological performance in forming processes is influenced by several parameters at the micro- and macro levels (local contact conditions: surface texture, contact pressure, temperature and lubrication). Thus, for optimum process design, improving formability, enhancing tool life and finally control of tribology, a better understanding of tribology and an accurate prediction of friction/wear in forming processes are necessary. In this mini-symposium, different aspects of tribology in cold/hot forming of (sheet/bulk) metals, polymers and composites will be discussed. The topics that will be covered in this mini-symposium in particular are: modeling friction and wear; tribological characterization methods; surface engineering and control of friction/wear in cold/hot material forming.