MS02 (Composite) | 2021

Composites Forming Processes

Coordinator: Dr. Pierpaolo Carlone

Co-organisers: Prof. Remko Akkerman, Prof. Emmanuelle Abisset-Chavanne, Prof. Philippe Boisse, Prof. Stepan Lomov, Prof. James A. Sherwood 

Description: The use of composite materials is expanding rapidly in various fields, in particular in civil aeronautics. These high level applications of composite materials created a significant demand for scientific knowledge and computational tools for composite material manufacturing. The mechanical behavior of the composite materials in service is dominated by the fiber orientation and density. The forming process, in turn, determines the fiber distribution. Hence, not only the in-service performance (stiffness, damage, fatigue…) has to be predicted, but certainly also the complex manufacturing processes, of which there are many. Their knowledge and their modelling are essential for the analysis of the composite structures in service. Since2001 and the Liege ESAFORM conference, an annual “Composite forming processes” mini symposium gathers researchers from Europe, and also from USA, Asia and Australia, who can present their works and exchange their points of view concerning research in the field of composite forming. The ESAFORM conference thus became a privileged and single place for this subject. Experimental and numerical “benchmarks” were set up on in-plane shear properties, double dome forming and friction. They are discussed within the composites forming mini-symposia. The topics of the developed sessions concern in particular: Material characterization; Constitutive laws during forming; Forming simulations; Mesoscopic analyses; Resin injection; Permeability, Fiber suspensions, Thermoforming; Contact and friction; Benchmark efforts, Natural fibres as reinforcement, Additive manufacturing of composites.