MS04 (Forging & Rolling) | 2021

Forging and Rolling

Coordinator: Prof. Bernd-Arno Behrens

Co-Organiser: Prof. Wolfram Volk, Prof. Alexander Brosius, Prof. Hinnerk Hagenah (tbc)

Description: Topics covered by this minisymposium include but are not limited to: Development of new and optimization of existing forming and rolling processes; Mathematical description and parameterisation of flow, damage and fracture behaviour of new workpiece and tool materials; Mathematical description and parameterisation of friction, heat transfer and wear in forging and rolling; Development of numerical methods, formulations and algorithms for simulation of forging and rolling processes; Validation of simulation models on industrial examples; Computer-aided process control. Furthermore, the results of the Collaborative Research Center 1153 on Tailored Forming are presented.