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Frédéric Dehareng

Eric Froidmont, Bernard Wathelet, Yves Beckers, Jean Michel Romnée, Frédéric Dehareng, José Wavreille, Olivia Schoeling, Valérie Decauwert & Nicole Bartiaux-Thill
Improvement of lupin seed valorisation by the pig with the addition of a-galactosidase in the feed and the choice of a suited variety
volume 9 (2005)
Paula Friedrichs, Catherine Bastin, Frédéric Dehareng, Brian Wickham & Xavier Massart
Final OptiMIR Scientific and Expert Meeting: From milk analysis to advisory tools. Palais des Congrès, Namur (Belgium), 16-17 April 2015
Volume 19 (2015)Numéro 2
Émilie Lefébure, Thibault Troch, Younés Noutfia, Frédéric Colinet, Amaury Gérard, Frédéric Dehareng, Vincent Baeten, Nicolas Gengler & Marianne Sindic
Is it possible to predict milk processing into butter using infrared spectroscopy?
Volume 25 (2021)Numéro 1

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