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Nicolas Gengler

Hélène Soyeurt & Nicolas Gengler
Genetic variability of fatty acids in bovine milk
volume 12 (2008)numéro 2
Hedi Hammami, Boulbaba Rekik & Nicolas Gengler
Genotype by environment interaction in dairy cattle
volume 13 (2009)numéro 1
Catherine Bastin & Nicolas Gengler
Genetics of body condition score as an indicator of dairy cattle fertility. A review
Volume 17 (2013)numéro 1
Valérie M.-R. Arnould, Romain Reding, Jeanne Bormann, Nicolas Gengler & Hélène Soyeurt
Review: milk composition as management tool of sustainability
Volume 17 (2013)numéro 4
Pierre Faux & Nicolas Gengler
A review of inversion techniques related to the use of relationship matrices in animal breeding
Volume 18 (2014)Numéro 3
Purna Bhadra Kandel, Nicolas Gengler & Hélène Soyeurt
Assessing variability of literature based methane indicator traits in a large dairy cow population
Volume 19 (2015)Numéro 1
Ignacy Misztal, Luis Varona, Matthew Culbertson, J. Keith Bertrand, John Mabry, Thomas J. Lawlor, Curtis P. Van Tassel & Nicolas Gengler
Studies on the value of incorporating the effect of dominance in genetic evaluations of dairy cattle, beef cattle and swine
Volume 2 (1998)Numéro 4
Thibault Troch, Émilie Lefébure, Vincent Baeten, Frédéric Colinet, Nicolas Gengler & Marianne Sindic
Cow milk coagulation: process description, variation factors and evaluation methodologies. A review
Volume 21 (2017)Numéro 4
Nicolas Gengler & Pierre Coenraets
Use of Multiple-trait Animal Models for Genetic Evaluation of Milk, Fat and Protein Lactation Yields of Dairy Cattle in Belgium
Volume 1 (1997)Numéro 1
Émilie Lefébure, Thibault Troch, Younés Noutfia, Frédéric Colinet, Amaury Gérard, Frédéric Dehareng, Vincent Baeten, Nicolas Gengler & Marianne Sindic
Is it possible to predict milk processing into butter using infrared spectroscopy?
Volume 25 (2021)Numéro 1

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