MS09 (Numerical Strategy) | 2021

New and Advanced Numerical Strategies for Material Forming

Editor's notes

Coordinators: Prof. Francisco Chinesta and Prof. Elias Cueto

Co-organiser: Benjamin Klusemann

Description: This MS covers all aspects related to non-conventional modeling and simulation of forming processes. By that we consider all those developments in the field of numerical simulation that can eventually and potentially be applied to the simulation of any forming process. Among these, the following non-exclusive list of topics is considered: – Advances in Finite Element Technology – Meshless and mesh free methods – Particle methods – Advanced shell methodologies, solid/shell formulations – Numerical techniques for challenging processes (FSW, LFW, …) – Speeding up simulations (parallel computing, model order reduction, …) – Data-driven simulation and control of forming processes, – This year we encourage particularly submissions in the following challenging fields:

  1. Fine versus coarse modeling (incremental forming is a nice candidate, but also processes like FSW, …)
  2. Simulation-based real time control
  3. Real time simulations
  4. Supercomputing (GPUs, …) and deployed systems
  5. From virtual to augmented reality
  6. Alleviating mesh constraints (anisotropic meshes, advanced remeshing, meshless, …)
  7. Data-driven simulation for factories of the future…