MS07 (Machining & Cutting) | 2021

Machining and Cutting

Coordinators: Prof. Domenico Umbrello, Prof. Takashi Matsumura 

Co-organisers: Prof. Pedro J. Arrazola, Dr. Guenael Germain, Dr. Cédric Courbon 

Description: The main topics of the minisymposium on Machining and Cutting are: Experimental and numerical analysis of machining operations; Material characterization and formulation of effective constitutive laws when severe plastic deformation are induced; Analysis of the tool wear, friction and material fracture in machining and cutting; Application of traditional and advanced coolant methodologies (near to dry, MQL, cryogenic, etc.) for enhancing the machinability and the product’s performance; Surface integrity (prediction of residual stresses, roughness, microstructural changes).